Braden accidentally stumbled into playwriting at a young age. He would rewrite scripts of shows he was in at the time, as he thought he could do better. And now it's one of his passions.  

Selected Work

Below are just some of my works. Click the button to go to my New Play Exchange profile, which has a lot more of my work. 

The Tale of the Bloody Benders

Honorable Mention of the 2020 John Cauble Short Play Award at The Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region V 

The Bender Family are known as America's First Known Family of Serial Killers. Following a killing spree at their Kansas Inn, they vanished without a trace, never to be tried for their crimes. Hear from them directly about the day they escaped.

The Tale of the Bloody Benders premiered as a part of the Minnesota Fringe Festival in 2019
"Deliciously Dubious"
" A Cleverly Woven Macabre Tale"
"They killed it!"



Pigheaded follows a group of scouts when they become marooned on a deserted island in Northern Minnesota. With themes of the power of kids, mental illness, and friendship, this play challenges the ideas of...a certain classic novel.

Pigheaded is set to premiere in the summer of 2020

What happens after Oedipus Rex gouges out his eyes? He joins his parents in hell. The royal family that's royally fucked up tries to sort things out until they are joined by a guest who messes everything up.

"Oops..." premiered as a part of the Minnesota Virtual Fringe in 2020 

Miscellaneous Projects 

In Development



Hans Christian Andersen wrote many beloved children's tales. But one of them has the most interesting backstory. Inspired by Andersen's life and many theories, this play tells the story of the story behind

The Littlest Mermaid.

Doing Too Much


A modern adaptation of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing and taking place among the workers of a gay club, we follow Travis and Ben through their "skirmish of wits" while talking about hypocrisies in the gay community.

Stranger vs. The Malevolent Malignancy


Stranger has spent years being one of the best superheroes ever. But when he's diagnosed with cancer, he begins to learn what it means to be the one needing help.
Based on the short story by Jim C Hines